Most Pleasant Occasion

May 23, 2007 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s very difficult for me to stay completely satisfied after visiting any occasions. I usually find disadvantages at any occasion. I prefer occasions like various concerts of my favorite bands with good warm-ups. But this time I’ll describe a day in the city of my dreams, Oslo, the capital of
Norway and the richest city as the result of the year 2005 poll. I noticed not only a high level of life, but high prices at the products as well. The thing which I really adored was the biggest metal shop situated in the heart of city. You can buy a very rare production there. For about three hours I felt like in heaven. After attending
Vikings Museum, I received a lot of impressions of how first people on Norwegian lands lived and what activities they provided. After having a dinner in sea products restaurant I recognized sadly that still this country is too expensive for me.:( 


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Illusion or Reality?

May 17, 2007 at 10:35 am (Uncategorized)


One of the most sharp questions which I regularly face now is concerning magic. Many of my close friends and my boyfriend believe in magic and try to prove its existence to me. However, I’m to stubborn. I can’t trust in something which doesn’t have a logical or scientific explanation. And magic does not. I guess the interest to magic has grown because of the popularity of books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Each of them has screened versions which attract the curiosity of those who hate reading. Actually, I’m also a kind of fan of HP, but still I’m not going that mad. Trusting in magic makes people relax and become lazy, I think. That’s why I always rely only on my own abilities and power no matter what happens. In my opinion, it’s time for some people to return from illusionary world and start facing the real life.

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Dreams Come True!

May 14, 2007 at 11:58 am (Uncategorized)

Paul Allender

About a year and a half I was an absolutely mad fan of British sympho black metal band Cradle of Filth.They were even more than just my idols and examples for me.They were also my mentors in many spheres.I was praying for only one thing almost everyday,their concert here,in Ukraine.Twice their concerts in Kyiv were removed.Once their show was too censored and forbidden,another time the suggested price for tickets were too high for Ukrainian people.Besides,our mayor was against their visit.Fortunately, they finally arrived this monday!There was no free space at the National Aviation University hall!I simply love their old guitarist,Paul Allender!He is the only one left from the old formation,except Dani,vocalist.A lot of positive impressions,even despite I hate their two last albums and almost all of the songs were from them.Anyway,I was taking shoots of Paul and flirting with him.Yahoo!That was wonderful!Isn’t it great when your dreams come true?The main point is hope… 

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Political Chaos

May 5, 2007 at 8:59 am (Uncategorized)

To begin with, I should say that today’s situation in the political life of
Ukraine doesn’t arouse any emotions in me. I’m not a stale human, but I am really tired of all these dummies in the hands of country’s leaders. Maybe, it’s because I’m not Ukrainian. Still it will bother anyone when you cannot spend time with the friends without regular police’s penetration and even searches. Me and my company look suspicious to them. At the same time, different selfish deputies, which are robbing the whole nation and lieing to people, seem okey to them. I wonder whether the justice exist at all! (Like in that old album of “Metallica” called “…And Justice for All”) As far as I know, my parents voted for Youshchenko three years ago. We trusted him, we believed in him. Probably it would be even worse with the leader who has criminal past (Yanukovich), but what has Victor Andreevich actually done for developing Ukrainian economy, education, health of nation? Nothing in particular! He cannot even stop this chaos. I don’t think it was a wise act to fire the whole parlament. Now he stayed almost alone, without any support. Anyone from his closest surrounding can betray him easily. As he doesn’t have people on whom he can rely on, Ukrainians do not have a reliable support and clear future. On the whole, I think the political situation in
Ukraine is getting worse and worse from year to year. And how people can be optimists if the deserving candidate to save the country from crisis still hasn’t appear?!:(

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Hobbies Make Life Interesting

May 3, 2007 at 6:16 am (Uncategorized)

What actually makes our life interesting and fulfils it with colours? The answer is different activities which really appeal to our hearts. As for me, I’m a very versatile person. I can do few jobs at the same time. My biggest passion is and always was music. I prefer heavy music. To make the atmosphere more comfortable for me, I turn metal music on, but not very loud if I’m busy. It inspires me and the time passed doing homework, for example, seems not boring at all. My second preference is journalism. I can share my knowledge and my ideas with masses only through the printed articles in my magazine. I write about famous independent actors and not very popular heavy bands there every two weeks. Low salary doesn’t perplex me. Doing favorite work distracts me from the gloomy thoughts. I adore writing and expressing my own thoughts about various celebrities. So I don’t need any special award for doing that.Finally, I’m fond of studying everything connected with my favorite country, Norway. I admire its history, culture, traditions, pagan branches of religion and music, of course. It’s the motherland of black and Viking metal. Besides, Norway is doing well in doom and folk. Best Norwegian bands: Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Theatre of Tragedy, Immortal, Darkthrone, Burzum, Leaves’ Eyes, Ancient, Falkenbach, Tristania/Sirenia etc. This summer I’m going to Norway along with my parents. Its capital possesses the hugest rock shop in the world, they say. I attended Norway few years ago, but I stayed there just for two days. Now I’m staying for a week. I will visit that shop and Vikings Museum with a great pleasure. All of those Norway’s mountains, lakes and woods are simply gorgeous!Among my other favorite occupations I can name cinematography, painting, web-designing, chatting and Tolkienism (role games). 


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May 3, 2007 at 6:14 am (Uncategorized)

It’s not about love or hatred. It’s all about other classes except English composition at WIUU. Well, from the very beginning American programme attracted me more than Ukrainian. Frankly saying, American teachers give their students the unique opportunity to be creative and to demonstrate their individuality. I always was against plagiarism and C&P because I’m a journalist and I sometimes suffer from other people who steal my articles and ideas without any rights. Once my site was removed from the web ‘cause one of my opponents stole some information, put it on her own page and told my server hoster I was the one to steal. And all of it happened because I forgot to protect my site by the copyright. That’s why I completely support American educational system which allows a lot but not plagiarising.Concerning the subjects, I love history most of all, but we had it only in the first semester and only in Ukrainian programme. So I stayed unsatisfied. I cannot say I received a lot from that classes. I dreamt to study Scandinavian history as well, but we were forced to study only Ukrainian. The most enjoyable subjects for me right now are business English (I never had problems with American English due to my combination of nationalities in the family), religion (I’m especially curious about pagan peculiarities), computer technologies (I’m a prof in this sphere due to my huge web-designing experience) and English composition (I admire writing, but, unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have enough time for itL ). I cannot say that I really hate something, but… Oh, yes, I do. I hate philosophy. I won’t argue that this discipline is very interesting and wise, but our teacher is reading monotonosely every lecture without explaining us anything and having any eye contact with students. And that is an awful disadvantage of any teacher. Also I don’t like law. The teacher is great, but the subject itself is a bit boring. Many students hate maths, but I think the discipline is fine. Probably, the teacher seems too strict to them, I don’t know. Anyway, I’m doing best in macroeconomy (UA), maths (UA), business English (US), religion (UA), CT (UA) and PE (actually, I’m the only person who attends physical education regularlyJ ). I cannot say anything about philosophy or English composition because we don’t have any grades or results yet. I’m a bit behind in introduction to international business because I missed one exam because of illness. The same small problem exists with the law, but the marks on the whole are excellent. On the whole, I could be an “A” student, but still I’ll have few “Bs”. I know for sure. Well, this semester was better than the previous one. I received two “Cs” then… L     

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Thesis statement

April 19, 2007 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

This Wednesday class we have all discussed our thesis statements for our final research paper which we shoul bring really soon.Yeah,the time passed really fast.Luckily I did all the job two weeks ago.All I need now is to classify everything written in order and cut some details because it is too long.My paper has to consists of six pages.My thesis statement was completely changed by Christina Grey and other students.It wasn’t brilliant at the beginning.Now it sounds like:”The hostile relations between two different countries,Ukraine and Norway,changed for better over the centuries”.The main idea is saved and it is clear.Besides,it explains my topic.I guess we’vw chosen a perfect thesis statement and it does reflect the whole picture.

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Impressions of History Matters event

April 19, 2007 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Finally,we did it!And now we can sleep calmly.This tuesday we had “History Matters” event held for our dear guests.We were waiting impatiently for so long.The general atmosphere was nervous,but warm and friendly.Nobody looked hostile that evening.Everyone was interested in our prepared presentations.One girl was shaking during the whole event and even forgot her words.But noone paid attention to that.OLd men and ladies noticed only our talents and hard work.They were so happy that young generations commemorate their times.My topic wasn’t related to the main theme of that evening,but Ken Grey praised me and said my language was excellent.Oh!I was so happy and proud.On the whole,noone wasted their time.The photoes were also great and some were simply gorgeous.I’m still sorry I was late with my works for “Photo Contest”.Anyway,everybody stayed satisfied.

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Bad Mail System

April 11, 2007 at 8:49 am (Uncategorized)

A little tragedy happened to me this weekend which slowed down my work on a project. My mail system,, has changed its settings and as the result all of my messages received were erased. I was completely upset, but fortunately I’ve stored all the articles from ebscohost on my PC. Now I don’t know the authors and the titles of some articles.Anyway, I read another wonderful article on the history of medieval
Ukraine. There was nothing related particularly to Vikings, but the article gives ther basic vision of Ukraine of that period. I needed to get more information about old Ukrainian customs and traditions. Now I have enough facts. The real war between Eastern and Northern European natiins wasn’t mentioned, so actually it didn’t take place in medieval or any other centuries. Only later Russians occupied the
territory of Finland and won the lands which are now known as St. Peterburg. Nothing to do with Norwegian territory.

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Common and Different Features

March 31, 2007 at 1:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Today I found a detailed description of Ukrainian and Norwegian customs and traditions. It’s not taken from Ebscohost. All of the materials received from Ebscohost were already reviewed by me. I found some curious facts from Norwegian traditions from … a typical metal music magazine! It sounds quite strange, but in each issue they describe one country in which rock music is highly developed. Anyway, I saw the examples of national Norwegian clothes. They have a lot of red, white and black ornaments, just as Ukrainian national dresses. And they are also flowers with trees mostly. There is no surprise: both countries are very green and have beautiful landscapes. Norwegians as well as Ukrainians have national dances, so called polka. Here, in Ukraine, we call it “ gopak”. It was danced by the Cossacks at first and survived in Ukrainian villages. Norway got the folk dancing from Finland, where they gave it a funny name “humppa”. It also appeared in villages, but of Vikings. This tradition is mainly used by folk bands today. Of course, the climate of these countries influence them differently. In Ukraine, the main pride in food is bread. In Norway people value their fish. One of the basic differences is the religion in Norway and Ukraine. As we know, Ukrainians are strong Christians mostly. After the occupation of their villages, some Norwegians started to hate Christians. They mostly belong to Catholics and Protestants. I guess, all of these facts might be useful for my research paper.    

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